In the future…

… Windows will still suck. Heh.

We went to the Urban Planning Museum, where there is a gigantic building-for-building, tree-for-free model of Beijing, based on satellite imagery

Not SimCity

There is also a “home of the future” exhibit, featuring a smart fridge running Windows and IE — that predictably is generating an error message.

Behold! A windows-based future!

Even cooler was the Windows-running Smart Payphone by Fuchingmen, which simply crashed on boot

Behold! A Windows-based now!

Relatedly, Microsoft may be behind the upcoming release of a Zune-based netbook. This will be great, to anyone who does not already have a Windows-based netbook, a Windows-CE based netbook, and for some reason is hoping for a Zune-based netbook instead of an iPod Touch-based one. Heh.

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