Zelaya as a Nightmare version of Nixon

Obama’s support for Zelaya’s attempted coup in Honduras is deeply disturbing. While some commentators say this is part of a clever strategy, strategic cluelessness seems more likely, and sympathy for the hispanic left has some basis in fact.

Fortunately, here comes a great blog post, giving some context for the events in Honduras. Basically, it’s a search and replace where Honduran names are replaced with American equivalents:

The SUPREME COURT has ruled definitively against Mr .Nixon, telling him such a referendum is itself unconstitutional . Both Houses of congress including all democrats and All republicans- have unanimously condemned the referendum as unconstitutional. Vice president Gerald Ford has resigned, stating the president no longer has his support. Richard Nixon appoints HIMSELF vice president. He does not care that this is blatantly unconstitutional. after all as he says “if the president does it , that means it is not illegal” The congress cuts off ALL FUNDING to the executive branch. No matter. The executive branch has money to burn… where is all this money coming from? It seems from his new powerful friend ….

via Explanation of the Situation in Honduras: Thought Experiment/Explanation on the Situation in Honduras..

Hopefully, the Constitution, Supreme Court, and Congress of Honduras will prevail.