Czech Refugees

That the Czech government is upset is perhaps the best clue that these ‘refugees’ are simply economic migrants.

Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said there were doubts about the legitimacy of many of these claims.

Since 2007, some 3,000 Czech nationals have requested asylum, while 9,400 Mexicans applied last year.

In response, the Czech government is recalling its ambassador and is to impose visas on Canadian diplomats.

Czech Prime Minister Jan Fischer said Canada’s action was unilateral and unfriendly, while the Mexican government said it regretted the move.

The Czech Republic strikes me as a western, liberal, and free country, which probably has few if any political prisoners. Unlike the United Kingdom, which jails people for professing unpopular opinions…

4 thoughts on “Czech Refugees”

  1. The UK government is legitimately scary. They’ve eroded freedom of speech, largely banned gun ownership and installed cameras everywhere. That’s one country I’d never want to live in. Perhaps it’s time for them to take a play from the US and revolt

  2. Like most of these things whilst living in the UK there are grumbles but little action. You honestly just come to accept this stuff and get on with life. Its rather interesting from a social history angle.

    Mind you its not fair to blame the UK Govt. entirely. Anyone living within the EU already has the potential to be arrested and held without charge (the European Warrant), has no freedom of speech (indeed thought crime is on the statute books) and has undemocratic governance with little to no representation. Oh, and we have the threat of having an EU speciality riot squad beating the crap out of us if we protest (the European Gendarmerie- who’s first public exercise was against…fake Breton nationalists).

    Which all might sound like the ranting of a crazy Eurosceptic but sadly, remains true.

    Anyway, the UK just locks up the political prisoners to keep the public happy. Is the Daily Hate pissed at you? Lock up an Islamist. Are the Grauniad and Indie whingeing again? Then find an American Nazi and shove ’em in the clink. Its popularity politics.

    Mind, you can have a lot of fun with the CCTV:

  3. Yeah, I don’t remember what study it was or what standards they went by, but I the study concluded that the Czech Republic has the 4th most free press in the world. This, on top of a growing sex industry that rivals Amsterdam, I would say that moving back to the land of my ancestors is quite tempting LOL.

  4. Jeffrey,

    Plus a government that encourages people to say they are political refugees to expedite the visa process!


    Hadn’t heard of EUROGENDFOR [1]. Interesting.

    I agree with your take on British politics.

    Glad they flip-flopped on it, for now. [2]


    I would be less worried about the CCTV cameras if I knew they were using them to lock-up criminalize, and not criminalize speech!


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