As I said, Russia is a Central Asian State

Russis is an economically unfree state in Central Asia

Putinism by stages: 1 is through Khordokovsky’s arrest the oil baron in late 2003, and involves Putin as determined technocrat; 2 is the Bonapartist elevation of Putin to czar; and now stage 3 sees Putin morph into a Chavez-like figure where the chief piranha now turns on the plutocrats–a sad return to Soviet-era logic on economic control.Will it work economically? God no, as The Economist points out. Putin will survive for quite a while, as oil inches back up, but in terms of demographics and innovation and an economy beyond natural resources, Russia will become a bigger but less interesting version of Kazakhstan. Actually, Kazakhstan is starting to look a lot better.

via Wither Russia? Back to its historical comfort zone Thomas P.M. Barnett :: Weblog.

To anyone reading this blog, this is old news.

One thought on “As I said, Russia is a Central Asian State”

  1. I was researching something online the other day (the Tocharians from central Asia) when I read something that made me start: Russians are the largest ‘European’ ethnic group. When you think about it, undoubtedly it’s true, and that’s without counting Belorussians and Ukrainians who are close and perhaps even culturally Russian.

    Yet, it matters not. The current Russia land mass is still too large for what is less. Those that live now can barely muster the will to procreate and men die at an age that matches sub-saharan Africa. The women, some of the most beautiful in the world are so desperate to leave that they chase dubious offers of work overseas only to find themselves sold into sexual slavery. Russian culture is a broken nihilistic mess. This is not to denigrate individual Russians (many are my friends and relatives), but it is a culture and group in decline, at least within its homeland.

    Perhaps it’s not a surprise, in the last century there was no worse place to be on earth than east of the Danube and West of the Urals. Mao’s China came close in scale, but no place on earth matched the scale and brutality of what man could achieve against man in that sad patch of the world in an almost relentless war that lasted decades. Every war has atrocities, but that area, particularly in the stretch between the Baltic and Black Sea saw villages razed, women raped, ethnic groups murdered (guns, gas and starvation), ethnic cleansing, multiple wars, continuing economic degradation. I don’t know why anyone would stay, that black fertile earth is cursed.

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