5GW v. Bolts and Screws

Hopefully 5GW: A Fifth Generation of War will make at least the splash as What Every Member of the Trade Community Should Know About: Distinguishing Bolts from Screws [PDF].


The Third Writer’s Draft of our edited volume on 5GW was sent out yesterday. If you should have received a copy, but didn’t, email me or comment below. At least one email address bounced back already.

5 thoughts on “5GW v. Bolts and Screws”

  1. O.k., this is funny.

    I doubt the utility factor will measure up to Bolts and Screws although hopefully the handbook will read about as well as Frank Miller’s 300 comic series.

  2. Even better, in the example I gave you, replace “An Informed Compliance Publication” with “Unless DHS Is Out To Get You Too…”

  3. I’m sure our book cost less money to produce and probably required fewer people to put together.

    By the way, I sent a revised copy of my chapter last night, did you recieve it?

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