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Last night went out with a good friend to see You Were Never Lovlier, an absolutely terrific Fred AstaireRita Hayworth film from 1942. I had never seen a movie with Fred Astaire before, but after You Were Never Lovelier he ranks up with William Holden as an amazing star I had never seen until recently.

Then tonight watched four episodes of Kenra, a 2000s series starring Kendra Baskett née Wilkinson.

I’m pretty sure I prefer the 1940s.

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  1. Fred Astaire is a joy to watch in his many films. William Holden is a great too!

    “I’m pretty sure I prefer the 1940s”, Me too, movie-wise.

    Check out the documentary/clip-show-movies “That’s Entertainment” and “That’s Entertainment part 2” for a broad intro to that era’s musical films.

  2. I added That’s Entertainment to my greencine queue.

    At one point in You Were Never Lovlier, Astaire says that Buenos Aires is a cosmopolitan city, not like his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, surrounded by corn.

    The crowd erupted in applause!

  3. “I had never seen a movie with Fred Astaire before …”

    Wow, you are a lucky guy. You have a lot of classic movies to get caught up on.

    Top Hat is brilliant.

    William Holden is my favorite actor. He is under-rated.

  4. I love movies. They are like beers and wines: the broader the variety you consume, the more appreciate each variety. Watching movies is a good habit to have!

  5. It’s funny, but I’m a big Holden fan myself. I first became aware of him through Billy Wilder’s “Stalag 17.” Then I realized he was in “Bridge over the River Kwai” which I hadn’t really given much attention to, so I watched that. He’s good.

    I would recommend checking out anything directed by Wilder, it’s great stuff. I love “Treasure of the Sierra Madre,” despite the politics of the book upon which it was based. I’m also a big fan of seventies dramas. The 70s was a huge decade for good movies.

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