Van Jones and the Green Economy

I don’t know the truth about allegations that Green Jobs “Czar” Van Jones believed that George W. Bush let 9/11 happen on purpose. Or that he supposedly founded a Marxist-Leninst revolutionary group.


I do know that Obama has not pushed “green jobs.” Instead, much of the stimulus and bailouts have gone to powerful bankers and powerful unions. If President Obama and the Democrats, like President Hu Jintao and the Communists, had focused on next-gen infrastructure, the future would look brighter.

The furor over Green Jobs Czar Van Jones in many ways is a distraction. Unfortunately, President Obama has viewed “green jobs” as a distraction. If Obama had put a heavy weight in charge of the green transformation, we would be on our way to a better future. Instead, he choose van Jones, and we’re in the state we’re in.

4 thoughts on “Van Jones and the Green Economy”

  1. Richardson,

    Very true. The poster is left over from the 2008 debates. GM and Chrysler, but not Ford, are owned by a combination of the Treasury Department and the UAW.

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