Afghanistan and Civl Wars

Catholicgauze has a thought provoking post up. Oftentimes, “Afghanistan cannot become Switzerland” is said as if it were unarguably true. Catholicgauze disagrees… in a way.

The collapse of the European peace-keeping function in the European Civil War (1914-1945) led to a flare-up of wars as local powers (including Japan, India, China, and Pakistan, in descending order of aggressiveness) began invading their neighbors and causing havoc.

While some bloggers applaud aggressive war and see it as the wave of the future, a real future worth creating depends on a world-wise peace-keeping superpower… at least until energy-exporting states no longer become war-exporting states.

While we wait for that better world, however, we can take small steps to win in Afghanistan. We must define victory in Afghanistan as functional membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and keep in mind the real problems of Afghanistan and the region

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