Before those Nobel Prizes…

If Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party (and also President of the People’s Republic of China) Hu Jintao and Chairman of the Chinese Nationalist Party (and also President of the Republic of China) Ma Ying-jeou can sign a peace agreement between their parties, ending the Chinese Civil War, they should both earn the Nobel Peace Prize.

If such an events happens, the wise leadership of Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama on intenrational matters will be contributing factors to that peace.

Currently both the Communists and the Nationalists are acting in ways that are embarrasing to themselves. So, for example

Hopefully, both the Communists and Nationalists can continue to mature, and put peace (and their peoples interests!) first.

3 thoughts on “Before those Nobel Prizes…”

  1. Once the civil war is ended, the next question is why should the nationalists should not once again be allowed to organize in the PRC and the communists organize in the ROC. If the KMT were allowed to compete, we would be confronted with an actual multiparty democracy emerging in the PRC.

    Of course, the original mainland cadre of the KMT would be very heavily stuffed with opportunists exiting the CCP and shifting over to the KMT for better graft opportunity. It is quite likely that clans would purposefully keep some of the family in the CCP and some in the KMT but the changes would be real as each side of the clan would want their faction to dominate going forward. Over the course of 3-4 election cycles you would get real competition and government change, vastly improving the situation of ordinary people.

    The impact on US Pacific Basin policy would be huge and we are very much unprepared for it.

  2. Yes and no: the death penalty faced by PRC officials who get caught with their hands in the cookie jar would probably dissuade at least some of the KMT’s more corrupt members.

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