6 thoughts on “We beat another bad team”

  1. I have the fortune of calling UF my alma mater. Unfortunately during the majority of my time there, it was during the dark ages overseen by Zook after Spurrier left. I could never understand the fervor in which people wanted Zook gone, but I suppose two national championships and now being ranked #1 is reason enough to believe that Zook was holding the team back.

  2. Jing,

    I hear you.

    Nebraska suffered from the Stalin-Beria like duo of Steve Pederson and Bill Callahan. From top to bottom, absolutely disastrous.

  3. By the way, apparently Nebraska has some of the classiest fans in the country…


    I was treated well wearing my Navy hat and shirt last year in Winston-Salem, NC (home of Wake Forest) for their match against Wake. On the other hand, when I went to Charlotte to see my New Orleans Saints play their Panthers in the NFL, I thought I was going to be murdered and was very glad I was not a father of a young son or daughter accompanying me to the game. The language and behavior would have made even sailors blush.

  4. I was struck when USC came to town last season, how aloof and arrogant the Trojans fans were. At Nebraska we hear ‘world’s best fans’ drummed into us incessantly, but perhaps there really is something to it 🙂

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