Human Rights and the Obama Administration

Today I saw this video on MSNBC, which shows an honor student in South Chicago being beaten to death by local thugs.

Of course, the mother should be charged with child abuse.

What person in their right mind would send a child to education in a Homeland school district? Seriously, considering that simple probability tells us that around 17% of the crowd shown in the video suffer from familial mental retardation, what is an honor student even doing in that environment?

What woman hates her child so much to send him to “school” in a bantustan like south Side Chicago?

Like in apartheid South Africa, zones of many cities in the United States suffer from policies of seperate development. These policies create a segregation of police services, such that youth in ghettos have to form criminal gangs for their mutual protection against others. In the video, the specific criminals, of course, are the thugs that killed the honor student. His mother is of course guilty of child abuse, for allowing her child to grow up in such an environment. More broadly, the government of Chicago and politicians who have benefits from its perks (including Barack Obama) are just as guilty of enabling a racist, evil regime as were men such as P.W. Botha and Mangosuthu Buthelezi.

It is often fashionable to criticize President Hu Jintao of the People’s Republic of China for human rights abuses. Before Americans do this, however, they should consider the role President Barack Obama has (and still) plays in keeping nightmares like South Side Chicago going.