2 thoughts on “So what 2009 won’t be like 1984?”

  1. Well.

    Someone should make a new video that starts this way. Then, the giant screen of The Speaker should be shown to break into a thousand smaller screens which make it (in this new video). Then, those smaller screens should be dispersed to living rooms around the country. Finally, The Speaker should be altered in the different televisions to different speakers — but all saying the same thing, in different styles of speaking but nonetheless the same message. Finally, pan out to the people watching their televisions, who are not at all identical in appearance like the marchers in the above video, but who are all nodding their heads or clapping or whatnot identically.

  2. Today was the first day I purposefully went out of my way to buy my online music from Amazon’s MP3 service, instead of iTunes.

    With Microsoft pushing their subscription idea, and Apple demanding you have an AAC player, I’ve become increasingly skeptical of these locked in mini-ecosystems. The iPod Touch is not just a toy, but a brilliantly designed small computer. Apple preventing users from loading Chrome, Firefox, Google Voice, etc., is very disturbing.

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