Toward a Guidepath for Afghanistan

Fear and Loathing in the Blogosphere is exactly right:

There is only one reason to stay in Afghanistan: to put Afghanistan on the glide path towards becoming a functioning member of the SCO. This is essential to our national security because expanding the Core and shrinking the Gap is imperative to our national security. We have to regionalize this conflict by making partners of China and India. And American troops have a key role to play in both protecting the population and training Afghan security forces in the mean time. And both of those jobs are manpower intensive.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization is the best chance for peace and safety in Central Asia. And Afghanistan that is capable of becoming a functioning member of the SCO is an Afghanistan that is hostile to terrorism.

That requires more than “Staying the Course” or “Cut and Run” — it requires more than acting as an offshore balancer.

America can help build the future of Afghanistan.

America should surge troops into Afghanistan, defeat al Qaeda, defeat the Taliban as a “state within a state,” and put Afghanistan on the glidepath for membership in the SCO.