4 thoughts on “Can We Have the Callahan Offense Back?”

  1. Against Baylor a total of 273 yards and a pick for the QB. Is there some freshman QB in the pipeline for next year or?

    You should at least beat Colorado and go to a bowl right?

    Navy lost to Temple… Temple. I suppose that’s about as bad as losing to Iowa State, though I think Iowa State has been to a bowl since 1979 unlike Temple.

  2. Yes, I have been counting to the magic 6-7 wins needed to get to a Bowl.

    Our defense is great. Our offense, still under Callahan’s offensive coordinator, is not.

    Our new QB is a true freshman — he was playing high school football last year. Assuming he doesn’t get hurt he has nothing to get but better…

    Even Callahan defeated KState… their close game with Oklahoma yesterday is all kinds of weird!

  3. I have to imagine that O-line of Oklahoma is going to have its worst day of the year on Saturday. A few coughed up balls or batted up passes into the hands of eager defenders may make it competitive in spite of the offensive issues.

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