Our Third World Country

Our Third World Country

The economy may never recover from decisions of the late Bush Administration and the early Obama Administration.

Our pundit class does not think we are the future.

Our Administration is making up employment numbers.

Our voting machines are easily hackable, unlike in mature democracies, such as Brazil.

AIG’s bailout succeeded… in transferring billions from the government to banks in no-strings-attached, never-pay back loans.

Under the late Bush and early Obama administrations, the U.S. transformed into a state that acts like a third-world country.

No wonder China shut Obama off. We don’t offer free TV time to the President of Uruguay, either.

Review of Great Plains Auto Body in Omaha, NE

I have been told the general manager of Great Plains is out of town. If so, it would explain how this series of events could happen.

1. I dropped by car off on a Wednesday, and indicated (using their forms) I wish daily status updates
2. The same day, Great Plains provides a PDF (generated with pirated software — they are using a non-commercial, trial PDF creator software as production equipment to send estimates) to me, of an estimate of the damages
3. No updates are forthcoming
4. On Monday, I call for an update, and am told they lost my information
5. Great Plains informs me my insurance adjuster is unreachable
6. I call my insurance adjuster, and am told Great Plains has never attempted to contact, and has not used the standard web application for submitting an estimate
7. My insurance company calls Great Plains, and requests a loaner vehicle for me
8. GP states to my insurance company they do not provide loaners
9. I call up GP to verify, and am told they do provide loaners, but that the person who can grant one is out of the office. I am hung up on.
9. The next day (Tuesday) the insurance company sends someone to the office, to physically observe the submission of the estimate
10. I inquire by email for the cause of the delay. This email is not answered.
11. I call by phone to again request a loaner. I am told they provide them, but I must call a different number.
12. In the same call, I inform them of their use of pirated software. I am hung up on.

Great Plains took six days to submit an estimate to my insurance company, they have “lost” my information, attempted to blame the insurance company, stated they do/do not have loaners available, etc. This has been an extremely frustrating experience. I will never do business with Great Plains Auto Body again.