Oppose the Treaty of Copenhagen

When European politicians say “global warming,” they mean “Russia.”

And when American politicians say “global warming,” they mean “not enough bailouts.”


I oppose bailouts, and so I oppose the American justification for lying about global warming.

However, the European lie is a noble lie — it is a lie in favor of a greater good. Russia is a dangerous, warlike, central Asian power that regularly invades European democracies. We should oppose Russia.

But the Treaty of Copenhagen is not the best way to do it.

A better way to work against Russia is to support her neighbors.

In Europe, this means broadening the Alliance and deepening the Union.

In East Asia, this means encouraging the economic trends that are leading to a Chinese colonization of Outer Manchuria.

In Central Asia, this means winning in Afghanistan, and driving (pushing, airlifing, whatever) violent jihadists to Russia.

The Treaty of Copenhagen is fine for European countries. It allows them to take collective action against Russia. However, there are better ways for us to help than by signing on.