5 thoughts on “I agree with Howard Dean”

  1. It is really funny that, just under a year ago (perhaps more recent) the Great Split of the GOP was the hot topic of conversation; now, looks like the Dems are having problems holding it together.

    I sincerely, from the bottom of my bottomless-pit heart, hope Lieberman is never reelected to the Senate. He’s a weasel, and besides his character traits this applies to his appearance as well.

    But back to the first para, question for consideration: Is “big tent” now an impossibility for any politcal party in America; and, if so, what will be the likely results?

    My only half-hearted answer (because it is a cop-out answer) is to suggest that bigus tentus politics will work for very short periods when present exigencies force it into existence. Besides that though, can it still be done in America?

  2. I am thinking a “Big Tent” national party works better we not so many things are treated as centralized national issues needing a top down/one-sized fits all solutions.

    The reverse to this is that a system of strong Federalism (many issues left to the States and locals and citizens themselves) makes for a better environment for national Big Tent parties since much the differences in views would not matter much policy-wise.

    So, if somebody thinks Big Tent parties make for a better national government, then they should support Federalism.

    I support Federalism.

    I would be completely okay with a Third Party to replace either the Dems or Repubs that focused on: Strong Federalism, Anti-Corruption, and Fiscal Responsibility – a Clean-up-the-System” Party.

    Note I left out a particular National Security PoV as one of the big three of the party. Party members could call themselves “broomies”.

  3. Well said, though sadly federalism has mostly friends of convenience, and seemingly a very small constituency. Who has stayed true to federalism through the controversies of segregation, immigration, education, regulation, alcohol, and drugs?

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