Olbermann Prefers Jail to ObamaCare

MSNBC Anchor Keith Olbermann promises civil disobedience if ObamaCare passes

Most people are not as lucky at Mr. Olbermann, in their ability to fight the law. But good luck to him. His fight against ObamaCare — which may involve going to jail and conviction in federal court — is a stand for freedom.

4 thoughts on “Olbermann Prefers Jail to ObamaCare”

  1. The computer I’m on doesn’t have sound so I can’t play the clip. I did see one speech of his where his STRONG objection was to mandatory insurance purchase without a public option–I don’t recall him blaming Obama but he did go to town on a bunch of Congressmen.

  2. If ObamaCare finally passes this month or next, it will be interesting if he is true to his word, and risks jail over the issue…

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