Thoughts on the iPad

Several friends have emailed me about the iPad, and asked me my thoughts.

It serves a couple of niches.

If I was in classes where I had to take lots of notes, or I was often a passenger on buses, cars, trains, or planes, I would buy one. It is more convenient for travel than a netbook and affords more work than an cell phone.

Apple’s good at hype, and Apple-haters are good at anti-hype, but this is a real product that serves a real purpose for some users.

Update: Half Sigma agrees.

7 thoughts on “Thoughts on the iPad”

  1. Speaking of which, before Apple introduced this product, I was hoping for A. That the Kindle DX (with larger screen and $489 price point) would go down in price and B. I could buy an e-book reader with some freaking back lighting!

    One of those is accomplished with the iPad. As for the other, given the functionality of the iPad, the price is easier to justify.

    Now, if it would allow the user to self-expand the flash memory, I would buy this on day one. For now, I am debating with myself.

  2. Interestingly, yesterday Apple announced that they were allowing VOIP apps that worked over 3G. Since the Ipad runs all Iphone apps, you’ll be able to use one right out of the box as a VOIP phone. Buy an Ipad – pay $30 a month for unlimited 3G access – talk all day, plus access the internet, etc. The downside is that this will be the final nail in AT&T network’s coffin if they don’t upgrade, STAT (do to a massive increase in data usage).

    Given the way the Iphone developed, I’d say this item won’t be ready for prime time until 12-18 months from now, when there will probably have been at least one hardware upgrade/price drop and when app makers will have time to write apps that take full advantage of everything this device might be able to do. I keep imagining different ways the Ipad will become a home appliance – hang it on the wall and it displays pictures, plays music (maybe even streaming them from you Itunes collection) and allows you to use VOIP capability as a home phone.

  3. I am on the verge of buying a Mac and a Netbook to replace my ailing PC.

    Between the iPad and the Kindle I am in interested in moving my newspaper / magazine / book reading to the Kindle or iPad.

    My two big questions:

    Will there be a secondary market for used eBooks?

    Will the eBooks work independent of the Hardware (so I can freely switch HW vendors in the future)?

  4. Purpleslog,

    A Mac+iPad combination would make sense. One for portability and fun, the other when you actually need to get thigns done.

    I doubt there’s going to be a secondary market, but eBooks are already becoming hardware-independent. Kindle books work on both the Kindle and the Ipad (with the Kindle app), for example)


    Agreed by your thoughts on the need for an upgrade. When this comes with an integrated video camera, it will really revolutionize how we stay in contact with non-technical family.


    It certainly has the advantage of having more secondary-uses than the Kindle!

  5. That is good to hear on those apps. I guess if the ebooks are discounted enough, buying used one doesn’t matter.

    Also, it would be nice if I could “sample” a book for $0.50 for 15 minutes – basically to page through it like I might at a bookstore.

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