Avatar Imax 3D

I liked the film quite a big, back when it was made fifteen years ago, was called Dances with Wolves, and didn’t have the weird left-wing Vietnam fantasy ending.

David Brooks calls the film racist. The only question is if the film is racist against whites, racist against non-whites, or simply misanthropic against everyone in general. (Or biased against alien species?). Either way, the plot is a joke.

But then again, the plot of most games by iD Software have been a joke, too.

Avatar is a 2.5 hour tech demo. It is an amazing demonstration of the way that movies, television (especially sports), and video games will look in the future.

Google is Bigoted Against Christians and Supports Terrorism

If you go to google.com and type in christianity is, google’s algorithms automatically try to finish your query. As with the case of the “I am Extremely Terrified of Chinese Peopleprank, it’s clear that Google’s suggestions do not imply that Google endorses this or that query — merely that such a query is common (for whatever reason). Google’s suggestions include Christianity is bullshit, Christianity is not a religion, Christianity is a cult, and conclude with Christianity is fake. All these results imly is that atheists can be insensitive jerks, which is hardly a surprise to anybody.

Similar results come up on Bing, Microsoft’s new search engine

And, as you would expect ,similar results come up when you use Bing to search for Islam is..

Now try your Islam is search in Google.


Google is fine with online bigotry against Christians, but censors online bigotry against Muslims.

The reason is obvious: Google is not afraid of charges of bigotry, but is afraid of terrorists.

Google is fearless when it comes to standing up to free speech advocates, but carries the flag of al Qaeda when their necks are on the line.

I hope no government officials have any family members with private Google accounts. A company that trembles this much at the call to Jihad might well turn over account information to terrorists…  to avoid being provocative.

Hat-tip to Fox News.

KMT Soldiers Defect to the People’s Republic

The story is true, but not as world-shaking as you might think. Surviving soldiers from the Chinese Expeditionary Force in Burma have repatriated to the People’s Republic of China. The KMT first occupied Burma as part of the disastrous in-all-senses China-Burma-India Theater in World War II. After the Civil War, some more KMT forces retreated into China, rather than surrender to Mao or follow Chiang to Taiwan. Some National Revolutionary Army / Army of the Republic of China soldiers would eventually get quite wealthy on the drug trade, though these survivors seem not to have been so prosperous.

In Myanmar 67 years, the ride was not an easy country to live, “Myanmar itself is a poor country. Such as those of us living in this old soldier in order to stay, but also can have food to eat and clothing to survive is not easy to . “upon by the country said that in Myanmar, many veterans like him can only be regarded as the lowest level of society, some people make a living by selling firewood could not have the money returned. And his relatives in China can not afford the fee.

Article are available from Xinhua (Chinese, Google Translate) and China News (Chinese, Google Translate).

The Child Pornography Bailout

In Minneapolis, there was a “security scare” when airport security discovered a bag that belonged to… airport security.

Across the country, we are install machines capable of taking high-resolution 3-dimensional nudge images of children.

There is another universe, in which incompetent government workers are dismissed, where major contractors are not chosen by naked favoritism, and where the new airport security machines will not become the most lucrative black market source for 3D child pornography every discovered.

We do not live in this world.

Obama will not push through reforms that would end political favoritism.

He’s too busy bailing out failing companies.

Capitalism is the system of destroying failures.

Our political class is in the business of supporting them.

Some Thoughts on the Christmas Day Plot

Secretary Napolitano was right that our system worked. Our system, put in place by President George W. Bush and Attorney General Ashcroft, is designed to throw up interference — to increase the probability of failure by our enemies at each step, so that it is unlikely that any attack can actually succeed. And this is what happened. Mistakes were made, but their system is more brittle than ours, so we win.

Even liberal Republicans are attacking DHSSec Napolitano for her words, so she may not be long for government work. It may be that she has simply failed to thrive, Republicans want a scalp, and Democrats want a DHS Secretary who won’t be a liability when they get around to fighting for comprehensive immigration reform.

The New Year

It is now the Year of Our Lord  2,010.

The series of disasters and catastrophes are country has faced in the past year is entirely predictable, in retrospect, given that the year began with Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulson and ended with Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner.

Some good things are happening at the strategic level. Bush’s handling of the War on Terrorism has been so subtle and adept that it is hard to imagine a grand screw-up. And on education, Obama has taken the baton from President Bush, and pushed hard to give us a real education system, starting with taking as much decision-making authority as possible away from teachers, school districts, and states.

But with regards to economics… I’ll let our President’s European friends do the talking…

Today, his historic Health Reform is being passed through the American Senate – a welfare policy breakthrough that several of his predecessors have been unable to manage.

Obama’s greatest accomplishment so far has been his “breakthrough” push to expand the Welfare State. With regards to finance, he appointed traitors such as Tim Geithner to high positions. Ben Bernanke will keep his job. The looting of America by the Oligarchs will continue — indeed, it’s accelerating.

No one can seriously believe that the actions of Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein have been less harmful to our country than, say, Julian Rosenberg. No one can believe that Henry Paulson is any more loyal to the country over his secret connections than, say, Aldrich Ames. No one can believe that Tim Geithner is any more honest and capable an official than Aaron Burr.

No one can see a reasonable way out of this situation. As wonderful as Obama ordering the military detention of Geithner would be, that line of thinking is likely to be as productive as the “right bomb in the right place” terrorism that V.I. Lenin dismissed.

America will have a chance to be great. Bush’s foreign policy success, along with the joint Bush-Obama education push, and the wealth we are now spending through will give us this chance. But it’s hard to see how we’re on a glidepath for anything other than an negotiated surrender to the hosts of history.