4 thoughts on “Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration”

  1. Whilst one appreciates the cultural lodestone that 1776 is to Americans and the current political culture in the US its still deeply depressing as an Englishman that we’ll be remembered throughout history as dumb redcoats and fat grasping tyrants, regardless of the historical realities.

    Mind you, I thought the fiddling was pretty hilarious: Irish-Cockneys anyone?

  2. There was a girl from my high school involved with this. It’s an advertising campaign for a tutoring company.

  3. Guy,


    Yes, Britain’s policy of leaving behind liberal states that are angry over imperialism is a unique byproduct of its liberal imperialism! 😉

    Thankfully, the traditional British desire for freedom survived the tyrannical introduction of Parliamentary Monarchy at the dawn of the modern age.


    Awesome! Great to have such artistic friends! 🙂

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