Neocons and Theocons

My new friend Michael recently blogged about “The Ideological Evolution of the Republican Party,” in a post that echoced my own (2005) post, “The Neocon / Theocon Axis: Winning and Losing.” Michael updates the theme, discussing the Party Line in the context of the Tea Party:

With the onset of the Tea Party Movement, a new transformation of Republican Party values has begun to take place.  The transformation is still ongoing.  The Tea Party Movement is nominally non-partisan, but let’s be honest – the tenets of the movement are in alignment with traditionally Republican territory:  lower taxes, smaller government, combating the national debt and opposition to nationalized healthcare and the stimulus package.  The movement is calling itself non-partisan because the Neocon-Theocon Hegemony neglected these values.  Although the movement began with the presidential campaign of Ron Paul – indeed, it is downright shameful to understand the Tea Party without mentioning him – it has expanded beyond his base since the last election.  The movement expanded first in response to Bush’s Big Government policies and accelerated under Obama’s.  Obama made the miscalculation of thinking that a close election victory and disapproval of Bush constituted a mandate for him to push a liberal agenda forward, which was not the case at all.  President Obama’s approval among political independents is now in the low 40s and shows no signs of rising in the near future.  Even though the Tea Party is conservative for the most part, the expansion beyond the Ron Paul base means the more moderate crowd are participating.  When the movement first began it was littered with truthers, birthers, kucinichers, radical global warming deniers, anarchists, neo-nazis, conspiracy theorists and other wackos.  Now the base is more sane and the time has come to take out the trash.  The movement, though no less courageous and outspoken, is coming into the hands of the respectable crowd.  Debra Medina, the Tea Party candidate for Governor of Texas, unfortunately may have made the possibly fatal mistake of hesitating to shun the truthers on Glenn Beck’s program.  But the movement is very spread out and not easily undermined by one missing bolt.  The movement is grassroots bottom-up and there are no real leaders of the charge.  But as the Tea Party opts for reform, there are others who are trying to use it to further themselves.

Thanks for the great blog, Michael!

New York Times: Joe Stack Was Right

Slashdot links to two New York Times articles (one from 1998, one from 2010) condemning “Section 1706.”  This section was one of the reasons that Joe Stack flew a plane into an IRS building.

This is terrorism. We know who the terrorist is. But what is the cause of this terrorism?

In spite of the Treasury’s Department unjust actions here — actions so egregious they have provoked domestic terrorism — Tim Geithner has not called for the repeal of Section 1706, not said it will not be enforced — indeed, he has done nothing.

We need a Secretary of the Treasury who is tough on terrorism on tough on the causes of terrorism — not an enabler of terrorism, like Tim Geithner.

President Obama should be ashamed, not only for not calling this terrorism, but also for not upbraiding Tim Geithner for his failure to confront the causes of terrorism.

A Question for Joseph Stack

Apparently, Joseph Stack flew his plane into an IRS building, out of concern that the Treasury Department was stealing from the middle class.

If Mr. Stack thought the right bomb, in the right place, at the right time could change the policies of the Treasury Department, why didn’t he fly that bomb into Mr. Geithner’s office?

Perhaps he hoped enough paperwork would be destroyed by attacking the bureaucracy that others would be sympathetic to future attacks on the Treasury Department?

Certainly a small-scale attack on the IRS bureaucracy will not lead to any change in policies in the way a successful attack against the Treasury Secretary would. However, it would be interesting if CNN or other news outlets follows up on this in one year, and reports the number of businesses that were not audited because of this act of terror.

The Growing Isolation of Barack Obama

The last 24 hours may prove to be the most catastrophic day yet for the political fortunes of Barack Obama.

Yesterday, in a bitter move, Even Bayh (D-IN) withdrew from the Senate race, forfeiting his seat to the Republicans and giving his party only four working hours to find a replacement.

Then today, news came out that China has decided to scale back its bail-out of the US Treasury (which needs the money, because of the bailouts of Obama campaign supporters, such as the Detroit and Wall Street speculators).

Obama has known since the beginning that he is selling our country to the Chinese to pay for his expansion of the Welfare State. I wonder if the Law Instructor was smart enough to know that he was selling his own agenda, too?

Global Warming Stopped in 1995

The claim that there is no statistically significant evidence comes from Phil Jones, the scientist at East Anglia University who came up with the (in)famous “hockey stick graph,” purposefully stonewalled on Freedom on Information Requests, and so on. The only similar about-face I can recall is when Gorbechev came clean and said Marxism was just used for propaganda purposes.

Quick wrote up at the Daily Mail. The full interview is up at the BBC.

Update: More at Geographic Travels:

The man at the center of the scandal, Dr. Phil Jones has both greatly helped damaged science. His lies and dishonesty have revealed the irrationality of the current wave of global warming alarmism which was based on secular religion and politics. However, his actions have hurt anyone currently trying to honestly figure out the current state of the global environment as Jones’ “crying wolf” has hardened the hearts of much of the public.

Dr. Jone is staring to come clean. He has said some surprising things in a recent interview with the BBC. Jones discusses many interesting things but there are some surprises coming from him. He admits that the Medieval Warm Period (the hot period around the year 1000, a time when England made wine and Greenland was green in the south) was a global warm period, that the warming trends such as 1860-1880 and 1910-1940 were similar to the recent warming period, and that there has been no statistically-significant global warming since 1995!

Developed countries can afford the cost of many environmental programs. As a society we should invest in a clean and healthy future but we must allow science to be practiced openly free from the influence of whose those who take their positions as dogma which must be defended at all cost.

The Obama Economy

The common theme of this video and this news

… is that powerful people are taking our country away from us. Whether it’s Tim Geithner’s friends looting the Treasury, or the Obama White House claiming that it has the exclusive right to license public domain images, the arrogance of power coming from the White House and Treasury Department is awful.

Obama is destroying the foundations of the country and selling us to the Chinese

Our President is so awful when it comes to economic management (as opposed to foreign policy, where he’s generally solid) that the truth sounds like hyperbole.

While Obama spends our money on a new $100 billion bailout announced today, China is becoming the world leader in renewable energy.

While clean tech companies are starved for capital, Obama is busy re-inflating the housing bubble.

Obama, apparently not concerned that many freshmen are unprepared for college, Obama is thinking of ending the requirement that schools show adequate yearly progress and giving up on the goal to close the racial gap in education,

While Obama spends that our national debt is now our largest national security threat, Obama will end the program to safely store nuclear waste.