8 thoughts on “The Coming World of ObamaCare”

  1. It appears that the Left wants to build an social welfare industrial complex that would rival the MIC? Perhaps the left will go for the trifecta and use the demon pass strategy to pass health care, amnesty for illegals, and cap and trade? This method of legislation can be thought of as “suicide legislation.” It would political suicide but effective in achieving political goals. Then again, what would stop the Right from doing the same thing?

  2. Wow, this hasn’t been a good thread for. I meant to say:

    I just found out that its “deem and pass” not “demon pass.” I better go to sleep.

  3. It gets far worse!
    ‘ The company is counseling hard-hit local governments, including California’s San Bernardino County and two cities within the county, Fontana and Ontario, to use the power of eminent domain to seize mortgages from existing investors, write down the mortgages’ value, and sell the lower mortgages to new investors.’

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