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So the Russians decided to attack during my dissertation semester. Rather rude of them. Thus, I have not been able to tune things as well here as I would like.

I am going to try permanently turning on WpSuperCache. I know it reverts to last year on the front page sometimes, and I am sure I can fix that. Just not today.

But with my post on Joe Wong being picked up by My Pet Jawa, I want tdaxp up at all. I will fight the Russians later.

8 thoughts on “Blog Flakiness”

  1. This does teach us a lesson on future warfare.

    Obviously these attacks are coming from decentralized open source types who probably scan the internet for targets. TDAXP is open source in that it receives no support from any government or organization, but take part in the information war against Russia on behalf of 1) the United States 2) Globalist “gap shrinkers,” 3) China.

    So we have an open source battle between a pro-America/globalist/Chinese information-propaganda warrior and pro-Russian cyber warriors-terrorists.

    Where we once though of open source methods as being used primarily against centralized governments and organizations, we now have two decentralized foes battling each other.

  2. Since they are quickly agreeing to nuclear reductions, we should view their obsession with tdaxp as a prelude toa shift in strategy focusing on attacking the internets. If Al Gore suddenly disappears, be afraid, be very afraid.

  3. Curtis…I think if you look closely as current photos of Al Gore, he doesn’t look like the Al Gore who was VP or the Al Gore I met in the 1980’s (while he was inventing the internet). The Russian “Gore” problem may have already been taken care of (aka lock box’d).

  4. Really bad news out of Ukraine concerning the Black Sea Fleet [1]

    At least the Central Asia situation is more confused than normal. Stratfor seems to think it was pro-Russian [2], while Russia appears to be gripping about pro-Americanism [3]. Interesting.


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