Inside Evony

Ars Technica has a great right up on Evony, who you probably know for their annoying ads…

In response, Evony LLC filed suit against Everiss last September in New South Wales, Australia. Since Bruce lives in England and Evony LLC is officially based out Delaware, this legal logic has more than a few people scratching their heads; one of the biggest points of confusion about this suit’s legitimacy stems from the fact that Evony LLC was established as a Delaware company (which can easily be done by anyone as long as they’re willing to pay $99 plus some state fees) a week after Everiss was threatened with legal action over the content of his posts.

Reading the claim against Everiss is more than a little surreal. Aside from denying any association with WoWMine or the Microsoft lawsuit, the document states that Evony LLC is the owner of Evony, and that the company is not based out of China. However, there’s a method to the plaintiff’s seeming madness: Australia is pretty hospitable to “the defamation tourist.”

It gets even better. Read the story of the advertisements, or their intellectual property fraud.