So Where Have I Been?

Here is a picture of some pieces of paper:

Now here is the story behind it:

Up until very late, I was under the impression that I would be able to graduate this May. I had an email conversation with my adviser to this effect the morning before the deadline of finishing up everything.

One of the people who needed to sign off, however, had not read my entire document. He is a very smart guy, with very specialized skills and training, but also with other priorities. He was finally able to read the first part of the document at about that time. So in a rather stressful and heartbreaking way, the deadline slipped bye.

Since that time I have been in a cycle of either working very long days (~17.5 hrs) on changes, or else pestering him to share his thoughts. The dissertation emerged from this process is substantially improved — it reflects his skills and input tremendously.

Comparing the draft that he commented on to what we have now, a brief four page section of Chapter III (Methodology) has been expanded to a detailed 13 page discussion, the entire first half of Chapter IV (Results) has been rewritten, from 17 exploratory pages to 34 hypothesis-driven pages, and Chapter V has been expanded and revised, from 18 pages to 28 pages. As other things have been altered as well, the main body of the dissertation text has been expanded and improved fro 163 pages to 210 pages

Ironically, the full document is only about 4 pages longer, as a 38 page technical appendix has bee spun off into its own project. Thus, the full 281 page document now contains 12 appendices, 14 tables, and 19 figures.

This made the 1,405 pages I needed to print out to give everyone on my committee a hard copy rather fun!

So I will defend, probably early or mid next month, and then file a copy with the library. And then — I’ll be able to live my life’s dreaming — forcing people call to me Dr. in social situations!

6 thoughts on “So Where Have I Been?”

  1. Party Goer: So nice to see you Dr. Dan!

    Dr. Dan: Doctor who?

    Party Goer: Never saw it, but heard it was pretty good…


    A life of social complexity, dealing with sub-species plebes on their fifth martinis, awaits you. How exciting!

  2. 1405 pages!

    Soon, instead of simply saying “I’m awesome” after every accomplishment, you’ll be able to say, “I, Dr. Dan, am awesome.”

  3. Have you purchased the domain name or yet for when it’s all said and done?

    Or wil you simply tweak your server settings and require readers to visit in order to see the blog? 🙂

  4. I like the idea of redirecting everything to, hehe…

    I did register a domain for an ‘academic blog,’ but I don’t think there will be much (public) back and forth between there and here…

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