Thug Police

Via Slashdot, a really spooky story about a cover-up by the Seattle Police Department

Eric Rachner, a Seattle cyber security expert and one of the golf players, wasn’t satisfied when the city dismissed charges against him after a possibly illegal arrest for refusing to provide identification.

Rachner discovered through sleuthing that police had withheld video-recorded evidence in his case.

Rachner also hired Seattle attorney Cleveland Stockmeyer to look at his case and probably others where arrests might have been illegal or where police claimed to have destroyed valuable arrest videos that weren’t, in fact, erased.

“How many people are sitting in jail who asked for their tapes and were told no, they can’t have them,” says Stockmeyer. “I don’t know. But I tell you we’re going to freaking find out.”

Thank goodness there are heroes like Eric Rachner to stand up to the Officer Crowleys of the world.

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  1. This website is a real darling for seeing the Officer Crowleys of the world in action.

    Here are some choicer tidbits from just one day of reports on the Crowley-like behavior of America’s not so finest.

    A Bella Vista Arkansas police officer has been charged with manslaughter on allegations that he fatally shot a car theft suspect who, according the an investigation, review of dashcam footage, and forensic analysis, appeared to be giving up at the time he was shot.

    2 San Antonio Texas police officers are facing suspension and one has been suspended indefinitely for misusing police databases to stalk women. One allegedly staged calls as an excuse to visit their homes.

    Nashville Tennessee is planning to settle a lawsuit for $243,000 to a family of 5 that were injured by a police officer who was at fault in an accident he caused when he pulled out onto the street. Some officials are upset that the city has had to dole out over $500,000 so far this year in police misconduct-related lawsuits when the officers involved have barely faced any penality. The officer in this case was suspended for one day.
    A Broward County Florida deputy has been fired for his role in a fatal car accident that resulted in the death of a 14-year-old girl. The deputy was travelling at 89mph without his lights or siren in January when he severed the rear end of another car when it turned in front of him. Interestingly, the department had previously insisted that his failure to use his emergency equipment while breaking traffic laws wasn’t against policy.

  2. One problem I see is that while I’m inclined to give the police a lot of leeway in cases of mistakes (is a previously belligerent suspect surrendering? etc), I’m not at all inclined to give leeway in cases of criminality (contempt of cop, etc)

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