4 thoughts on “Everybody Draws Mohammed Day”

  1. I respect you for posting this. It was done in good taste, but at the same time, is somewhat revolutionary. It’s actually a nice picture. Mohammad is depicted as man that is so peaceful, that a dove sits on his shoulder. If this is offensive, we’re dealing with very irrational people.

    Do you know where/when this was painted? Its interesting that Mohammad is depicted as a White European.

  2. Seerov,

    The image is at the archives here:


    Mohammed preaching, with historically inaccurate landscape and clothing (a common problem in medieval and Renaissance paintings, which usually showed fashions contemporary with the time the painting was made, rather than costumes of the era depicted). Illustration ca. 1400-1425 [1], taken from Boccaccio’s De Casibus Virorum Illustrium [2] (early 15th-century French translation by Laurent de Premierfait); drawn by the “Master of Rohan.” The manuscript is currently in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. The same illustration in the context of its manuscript page can be seen here [3]. According to the iconography of the time, the dove on Mohammed’s shoulder indicates that he is a false prophet trying to convince his listeners that he is associated with the Holy Spirit (of which the dove is a symbol).




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