Nebraska joins CIC

This may be the real pay-off of Nebraska joining the Big 10 Athletic Conference:

The CIC is a consortium of the Big Ten universities plus the University of Chicago. The CIC leverages faculty, funding, facilities, investments and ideas to help the collective whole compete and succeed. Among its core projects are library collections and access; technology collaborations to build capacity at reduced costs; leveraging purchasing and licensing through economies of scale; leadership and development programs for faculty and staff; course-sharing mechanisms by which students may take courses at other consortium institutions; and study-abroad collaborations. For more information about the CIC, go to

Perlman said UNL would formally accept the invitation. UNL’s full membership in the CIC begins July 1, 2011 — the same time the university officially joins the Big Ten Conference.

“The CIC will be working with our academic leaders and faculty during the coming year to connect UNL with the resources and networks of the CIC,” Perlman wrote. “Kudos to all of you who have worked so hard over the last several years to put our academic programs in a position to be so recognized.”

In the invitation letter, the Big Ten provosts wrote that UNL “will be an excellent fit with our academic values, collaborative spirit and strategic initiatives.”

Perlman noted that many UNL faculty have ties to the Big Ten and CIC schools. More than 300 UNL faculty have received their highest degree from a Big Ten institution, plus 13 more from the University of Chicago. Approximately 30 percent of UNL’s tenure-line faculty earned their highest degree at a CIC institution.

Go Big Red!

2 thoughts on “Nebraska joins CIC”

  1. Haha.

    It will be great to see the Big Red v. Lil’ Red game [1]. 😉

    I haven’t seen any coverage of it, but Nebraska’s football team really began as a clone of Ohio State’s. The ‘core’ stadium is identical (though they have expanded differently over the past 80 years), and Ohio State’s uniform is clearly the source of Nebraska’s, though it has gone through some evolution over the years.


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