Upgraded to Classilla 9.2

I support a fleet of three classic iMacs, so I was delighted to update to Clasilla 9.2:

Classilla is a free, open source browser for Mac OS 9*
Classilla is bringing back web browser support to your classic Macintosh — built on WaMCom, a port of Mozilla to classic Macintosh systems, using the same technology underpinning the popular Firefox browser. It’s completely free and it’s open source, and it’s standards-compliant. Use it without cost or restriction; or, if you’ve got the skills, hack it and make it your own. Classilla brings your wonderful old Power Macintoshes back to life and back online.

Thanks Classilla!

2 thoughts on “Upgraded to Classilla 9.2”

  1. I rarely, but they now serve primarily as back-ups in my mom’s office, to her Windows 7 laptops.

    The iMacs have been running since 1997 or so. The laptops seem to last about 2 years each…

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