13 thoughts on “The Handbook of 5GW: Now available on Kindle!”

  1. Can’t wait until a paper version comes out. Kind of adverse to the electronic tracking inherent in the kindle versions.

  2. Congratulations! Look forward to reading the book. Do let me know if you’d like to write an essay based on the arguments in your book.

  3. Dan, I found your blog today re: 5gw. Where can I write to you (e-mail)? The short and skinny is that if the model of 5gw you represent is primarily a ‘reaction’ to US dominance in terms of conventional forces a’la “Unrestricted Warfare” then there is a (latent) US counter-reaction. The counter-reaction, is autonomous warfare as in drone technology par excellence, and not only drones in the sky, but also in other places (i.e. computer networks).

  4. Vincent,

    (speaking for myself only…)

    Actually 5GW thinking is coming around partially as a reaction to 4GW which has proven to be successful against 2GW/3GW opponents like the USA.

    When I hear the term “Unrestricted Warfare” I think of the book by the same name by some PRC Army Colonels. Their ideas and concepts overlap with 4GW and 5GW to some extent.

    “The counter-reaction, is autonomous warfare…”

    Describe a little more what you mean here. Who are the actors? Who/what are the targets? What is the goal of any attacks? How are they measuring success? Are these oriented toward the physical/moral/mental/institutional dimensions (some, none or all)? I generally don’t see technology as the big definer.

    Here is brief outline of XGW:

    Here is by brief 5GW outline:

    Dr. TDAXp’s “The Handbook of 5GW ” and the discussions that should be starting up on it should be a great learning experience for all. Please jump right in and don’t hold back!

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