How South Dakotans Respond to a Natural Disaster

After Vivian suffered the worst hail storm in human history, South Dakotans responded as they always do:

“There was already a crew of neighbors. One of the nice things about small communities is that everybody waded in and tried to fix stuff already. So there was a bunch of guys boarding up the windows and patching up the roof and what have you,” Jones said.

In fact, there were so many people in town helping out that Jones isn’t sure where the wood that’s covering his busted windows came from. But that’s why he’s chosen to live where he does. And this storm won’t be enough to chase this family originally from England away from the northern plains.

“We just enjoy the nice community and being in a remote community. It’s got some down sides, but we really do prefer it. But a snow storm sure does sound good about now,” Jones said.

7 thoughts on “How South Dakotans Respond to a Natural Disaster”

  1. “The National Weather Service says a hailstone that fell south of the South Dakota capital of Pierre might be a world record.

    Meteorologist Jim Scarlett says the chunk of ice landed near the town of Vivian Friday night. He says members of the National Climate Extremes Committee will meet this week to evaluate the stone and determine whether it is a record.

    The record-holding hailstone fell in Aurora, Neb., on June 22, 2003. It was 7 inches in diameter with a circumference of 18.75 inches.”

    You have succeeded this time, South Dakota! *shakes fist*

    On a serious note: I just so happened to have been born and raised in Aurora, NE.

  2. in 2005 my home town in NW Missouri got hit by two tornados at 5pm (no one killed). My friend told me that within an hour there were many looky-loos from out of town to observe the damage.
    The next morning, though, there were so many volunteers from elsewhere, that they were turning some away.

  3. We are lucky to be from part of the country with high social trust.

    I would like this to spread, but I am not sure that is possible under current circumstances…

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