16 thoughts on “How did I completely miss out on Battlestar Galactica?”

  1. I just discovered the show earlier this spring. My reaction was the same “why was I not watching this while it was on the air?”

    P.S. I await a future post on Cylon COIN tactics.

  2. Quit trying to hide the fact that I (on several occasions) tried to sell you on BSG years ago… and yet you rejected it each time.

  3. I have the first three seasons on DVD. (Technically, 2nd season is on computer, since I bought it through iTunes…) And have watched all the way through twice. Will kinda be sad to finish it, though. Have been delaying hoping I can get 4th season cheap but will probably break down and get it anyway.

    Note to all: I did try, I really tried to watch the follow-up prequel series, but just couldn’t get into it.

  4. Season 3 is one of my favorite seasons of any TV show ever. The occupation storyline is glorious. And Colonel Tigh is my personal hero.

  5. Except for Caprica (which, in fairness, seems more like a spin-off aimed at my little sister than a continuation of the mythos), I’ve now finished BSG, including Razer and The Plan.

    Awesome, awesome, awesome.

    Loved the ending.

    What should I watch next?

  6. Offhand…

    TV SHows/Mini-series…

    Rome (2 seasons)
    The Cell (2 seasons)
    The Wire (4 or 5 seasons)
    Justified (1 season so far…may not be on DVD yet)
    The Pillars of the Earth (11 episodes total)
    Slings & Arrows: Season 1,2,3 (18 episodes total)
    The IT Crowd Seasons 1,2,3 (18 episodes total)
    The Day of the Triffids (6 episodes)
    World War II: When Lions Roared (2 episodes)
    Rescue Me (multiple season, still on)
    Veronica Mars (3 seasons)
    Dexter (3 seasons?)

    The Ramen Girl (movie)
    Outsourced (movie)
    The Naked Prey (movie)

  7. re: tdaxp The Plan was ridiculous.

    re: purpleslog I thought the Pillars of the Earth was a significantly better book than show.

    To Watch:
    Stargate Universe
    Seasons 2 and 3 of Torchwood
    The Guild*****
    Rome is badass
    Deadwood doubly so

  8. The Plan sucked.

    Re the Pillars…I never read the book. I was able t ostrem the show from Netflix.

    I should have mentioned Deadwood…but it was never finished. Sadly, it never will be.

  9. I’m actually ok with the Deadwood wrap-up. It wasn’t the most dramatic and made the Brian Cox character useless (but hey, Brian Cox!) but it was pretty historically accurate. Real life doesn’t tend to result in too many epic showdowns.
    The arc was pretty good for the town too, starting out with a few buildings and a shanty town and ending just as they were made official.

    Also, I would watch Ian Mcshane read the C($^&s$king Mo#$&erf(#&$ing phonebook.

  10. A little past the midway section of the 4th season of Battlestar Galactica: Wow. Some of the episodes are the best of the series. One or two were not quite as good though.

  11. I have finished season 4 and, as expected, I regret that the entire show is finished. Battlestar Galactica is surely one of the best television series of all time. I’m currently leaning toward Gaius Baltar as being the most interesting character in the history of television.

  12. Baltar is okay. Well played and interesting for sure. But I love Tigh. Season 3 just cements him as one of my favorite all-time TV characters.

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