Reaction to “The Long Type of Time”

Lexington Green has closed the Afghanistan in 2050 roundtable, and given these reactions to my contribution, “The Long Type of Time

Dan tdaxp applied the XGW framework, and made what I found to be the most compelling statement in the RT, which I will paraphrase. Dan noted four timescales: short, medium, long and very long. The first is the realm of military action, the second of political action, the third of economic change, the fourth of cultural transformation. The 40 year time scale of the RT is beyond the scope of military or political action, but too short for cultural transformation. So, the answer to where Afghanistan will be in 40 years lies in the realm of economic development. This sphere is relatively resilient and resistant to the happenstances of human agency. Which means that the very great likelihood, assuming current trends continue, is that Afghanistan will be an economic satellite of China. That seems to me to be exactly right.

Thanks Lex!

Go Big Red(s)

Nebraska beat Idaho, but even better was South Dakota defeating Minnesota!

South Dakota was beaten soundly by the University of Central Florida 38-7 last week. The Gophers were supposed to use their game against South Dakota to build confidence going into their game against USC.

South Dakota had only moved up to the FCS level three years ago and their starting quarterback, Dante Warren, was making only his second start. How could the Coyotes possibly upset the Gophers on the road?

The answer was by smashing Minnesota soundly in the mouth.

Go Big Red(s)!

A Turn of the Wheel

When my wife and I first met, we were both Masters students at the University of Nebraska.

Following our graduation, I stayed in academia to get a doctorate, while my wife became a logistics analyst at a local transportation company.

Following that, we moved out to the Pacific Northwest.I am a user researcher working with Microsoft. My wife is now working with logistics.

I am very proud of her. 🙂