Go Big Red(s)

Nebraska beat Idaho, but even better was South Dakota defeating Minnesota!

South Dakota was beaten soundly by the University of Central Florida 38-7 last week. The Gophers were supposed to use their game against South Dakota to build confidence going into their game against USC.

South Dakota had only moved up to the FCS level three years ago and their starting quarterback, Dante Warren, was making only his second start. How could the Coyotes possibly upset the Gophers on the road?

The answer was by smashing Minnesota soundly in the mouth.

Go Big Red(s)!

3 thoughts on “Go Big Red(s)”

  1. It’s not all bad news being in the Big Ten. We do have our set of perennial patsies. But don’t you dread facing South Dakota out of conference?

  2. South Dakota is the smaller of the two ‘big’ state schools — next week the Huskers are taking on the bigger on South Dakota State, in what will be a massacre.

    Poor Minnesotans. They are are relevent as their internet protocol (gopher://) 😉

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