MyDD: Geithner et al part an organized criminal conspiracy

MyDD: Geithner et al part an organized criminal elite

MyDD is one of my favorite “liberal” blogs. I’ve been praising it since 2005. MyDD is the site that Daily Kos branched from back in the day.

Thus it is with tremendous pride and happiness that MyDD targets everything that Tim Geithner represents

It has got to happen over the next two years, and its going to take progressives, libertarians, tea partiers, coffee partiers, conservatives… everyone that is not part of the problem (the financial/political/military elite). Get radical, first by moving beyond attachment to a single party or a political identity. Radicalize them both, go independent; whatever, and if that’s not you too, then get out of the way.

MyDD links to a video that, while using liberal tropes that represent MyDD”s ideological history, accurately descibes the Goldman Sachs elite that is destroying our political and economic system

Whoever you vote for this election,

  • Punish those who supported TARP
  • Punish those who supported the Big Business – Big Labor bailouts
  • Punish those who are destroying our economy

We need pitchforks and torches.

The appropriate way to respond to our enemies is…
…and guns
…more and bigger guns.

Outgun them this November.

5 thoughts on “MyDD: Geithner et al part an organized criminal conspiracy”

  1. More and bigger love?


    Seems the Tea Party is all about embrace and extend…as far as Big Government goes.

    There are times (I admit this grudgingly and with horrible twinges of revulsion) that I approve of the GG dynamic — — at least insofar as it would stress the horizontal mode of organization, subsistence, and resilience rather than give lip service to horizontality in order to seize verticality by embracing and extending it via the well-established and institutionalized Voting System™. And so, twinge, twinge, cringe, cringe.

  2. CGW…I think you have it backwards. The Big Gov/Big Business Republican Party elites/establishment seems to be try to do an embrace/extend/coopt on the Tea Party-ers.I think there is going to be fight going on the nxt four years.

    BTW, this video is right on.

  3. Everyone is trying a little embrace and extend — except the Dems.

    What the Dems are doing is akin to what happens when ostriches, heads in sand, start getting eaten by hyenas: there’s a lot of pain, a lot of manic bestial laughter, but what to do? Keep head in sand or run like hell?

  4. BTW, on a technical note, I don’t think “embrace and extend” is necessarily analogous to or always compatible with “co-option.” At least, not when it a hostile, rapacious embrace and an extend akin to consume-and-make-part-of-the-body….

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