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  1. What aspect of this is specifically the result of Obama’s policies as opposed to those of his predecessor? Or of some overpaid bureaucrat, for that matter?

  2. Hard to say as I can only imagine that if you asked him about it, he would talk about how we need ‘common sense reforms’ to address this and other issues… then ramble on for 20 min not actually addressing the topic, but still finding time to talk about the deficit he inherited, health care, perhaps even injecting something about gay rights. Eventually he’d move on to the need for a green economy and how we are falling behind China, reminding the Eurpoeans that they aren’t spending enough to prop up their own economies before finally going on to the next question… which if not screened would be asking who should be doing the groping of the 13 year old happens to be gay… at which point the process would repeat.

    Short answer… a Kafkaesque answer to a Kafkaesque situation 😉

  3. Damn I was going to comment on this but every attempt at rationality lasted about half a second before the rant set in.

    My isn’t this a convenient 4GW opportunity? The whole “feeling my junk” thing was the kicker, for me at least.

    It is entirely unfortunate that we can’t ask all those dead victims of terrorism whether they have felt violated in any way. “Hey, if you want to blow my junk into a million bits, well F-you!!”

    I am sure that when the Anti-Sexual-Molestation Brigade wins then they’ll have to find something else to do. Fortunately such organizations are quite resilient; they’ll probably morph into the Fire-Obama-For-Letting-Terrorists-Blow-Up-Our-Planes Brigade or revert back to what they were before Obama got elected: The Terrorism-Requires-Tough-Measures-and-Fewer-Civil-Liberties Brigade.

  4. So you’re saying the policies leading to the situation in the article were instituted by Bush and left too long by Obama?

  5. @Curtis, I wonder how long it is until the defense of some mistreatment of a Gitmo detainee is “He would have had worse at an airport.”

    It would be nice that Obama governed in such a way that we didn’t have to choose between a police state at home or defeat abroad. But in truth he isn’t: we are on the path to both.

  6. “I get that Obama supporters often defend the President, by noting that Obama is basically just Bush’s third term.”

    Or perhaps he wasn’t defending Obama’s policies as much as he was pointing out the hypocrisy of those who criticize Obama for similar measures instituted under Bush, when those same people are silent about Bush’s hand in TSA bureaucracy.

    It is a neat little trick to make those who point out hypocrisy look as though they are the hypocrite themselves. Perhaps someone has been watching Fox and Friends and taking notes.


  7. Curtis,

    True, but we are not adding people to Guantanamo anymore.

    We are killing them by their drones, without intelligence, taking out their families in the process.

    We are killing men from the sky for crimes they have not been convicted of, which may well be just.

    But we sponsor systematic sexual assault while doing so. [1]


    I do not recall Bush sponsoring sexual ssault as a tool of policy.

    [1] http://www.tdaxp.com/archive/2010/11/18/you-dont-need-to-live-in-congo-to-be-raped-by-your-government-anymore.html

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