You don’t need to live in Congo to be raped by your government anymore

Today I had the pleasure of talking to a senior-level, PhD researcher at a very large corporation that you have heard of, interacted with, and given money to.

I am under the clear impression that this man is a liberal Democrat, though by nature he is generally unpolitical. He has good (and bad) words to be said about congresspeople and officials from both parties. His votes are normally driven by local matters of interest to him because of how they impact his (entirely gentile) recreational habits.

He mentioned to me how he fears for his young daughter’s safety because of the new TSA guidelines.

He worries how the software in the machine prevents levels of radiation levels high enough to harm his daughter’s reproductive system.

He worries how his daughter’s normal development will be effected by being regularly fondled by strangers.

I have not heard any reports of systematic sexual assault on civilians by al Qaeda under Osama bin Laden.

I wish I had not heard any reports of systematic sexual assaults by U.S. government under Barack Obama.

But I cannot.

As far as the normal development of young girls go, they appear to be safer in areas controlled by bin Laden’s al Qaeda than by the Obama’s United States.

8 thoughts on “You don’t need to live in Congo to be raped by your government anymore”

  1. para 2: genteel (opposite of vulgar), not gentile (opposite of Jewish or Mormon). Presumably, anyway.

    para 9: safer from the government, not safer from their neighbours.

  2. I don’t discount the anger about this idiotic and pointless policy of the TSA quasi-forced upon it by a public with a zero-tolerance attitude towards successful terrorism attacks and a hysteria about terrorism being able to destroy America in just a few attacks. I second the researcher’s concern for women in particular, especially given the unfortunate experience sexual assault survivors are having with this obnoxious policy.

    However, I wonder why there isn’t more outrage over even more destructive and harmful policies such as the disastrous no-fly list system (which prevented my uncle, a 59 year old white male who’s only been out of the country twice in the past 15 years to visit his father in Panama) that penalizes and ravages the flying plans of tens of thousands of Americans. Imagine booking a ticket to go to a loved one’s wedding or funeral and then being told the day you get to the airport that you cannot fly.

    As well, we already do these invasive procedures (Customs especially) to people who are profiled (funny that we can’t profile Muslims/Arabs apparently for terrorism but that’s another issue of PC run amok) for drug and customs violations suspicions, the great majority of whom are innocent Americans humiliated by aggressive body pat-downs and even strip-searches, as well as lengthy travel delays (Customs can even hold citizens overnight at the airport in an office to try to scare them into coughing up some type of bad behavior they must have engaged in).

    So hey, I’m glad we’re making a stink out of this because its outrageous. I just hope that the politicians and citizens groups engaged in this worthy battle will not forget about these two other obscene Customs/TSA behaviors that Americans are commonly subjected to.

  3. Mark has a post up on the use of metaphors which, from the quote on that post, suggests that metaphors can be very powerful manipulators. [1]

    I.e., compare an airport frisking with real sexual molestation in order to use 4GW us vs. them types of leverage to move a polity down a pre-determined path.

    As if, of course, what Elizabeth Smart experienced at the hands of her captors was a mere airport frisking.


  4. Curtis,

    You would be a great defense attorney.

    “My client is not a real bank robber. Now John Dillinger, there was a real bank robber!”

  5. TSA has been a mess from the beginning. These searches do almost nothing to improve security. This is best called “Security Theatre”.

    The best things done to improve flight safety were: 1) The re-introduction of Air Marhsalls (even with bad to so-so tradecraft); 2) Re-enforcing cockpit doors, 3) The realization among passengers that they can’t be passive ever again in a “hijacking” situation.

    Behavioral profiling would be a big improvement (and yes especially target those from Muslim countries or passing through Muslim countries for a 5 minute behavioral interview) would be a bug plus.

    All sorts of stuff can be put on unchecked onto airplanes by unchecked personnel.

    I am especially pissed by the take-off-your-shoes thing. When I used to fly a lot for work, I often wore steel-tipped shoes. I quickly realized to shuffle my feet as I passed through the metal detector to avoid setting it off. The simple fix would be to have a slight 1-2 inch ramp at the metal detector to counter the shuffle. Instead of doing that, that make everybody take off their shoes now. It is fucking studpid.

  6. @Curtis, sadly Napolitano doesn’t know that… This grotesque sexual abuse masqerading as security theatre is absurd, and far worse than what we (legally) do to criminals (though of course, we do far worse than that illegally!)

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