5 thoughts on “Prepping for Beijing!”

  1. Lexington,

    Many thanks. 🙂 We fly out on the 10th, after mini-trips to South Dakota and Palm Springs.

    Kissinger’s book is next in the queue after Overqualified (a comedy in the form of cover letters) and Lord of the World (Catholicgauze recommended it to me, as a kind of Catholic version of Left Behind, from 1908, set about 2008.

    PS: Surprised no reaction to Factions and Finance in China, as it’s very much in the tradition of Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics (I think the authors were classmates). 🙂

  2. I have heard of Lord of the World, and that the AntiChrist figure is reminiscent of a certain president who is currently in office.

    (I am about to start Musil’s The Man Without Qualities, deepening my knowledge of an empire that has been extinct for almost a century.)

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