tdaxp predicted the Russian invasion of Ukraine

If Barack Obama and others had read my blog on October 29, 2008, they would have known that Russia will invade Crimea to turn it into a frozen conflict.


Russia is not a European country.  it is a Central Asian oil exporter that has invaded Europe — again. A variety of moves, from pushing renewable energy to helping Ukraine sign the Association agreement with the European Union, should now be made. Ukraine must join Europe.

Too bad I was ignored.

One thought on “tdaxp predicted the Russian invasion of Ukraine”

  1. “Russia is not a European country. ”

    this sentence has no sense at all. everybody knows, that nonslavic nations in central and western europe (except romanic people – nowadays italians) are not europeans, the have invaded europe, and they are trying to do it again.
    to bad you are a liar.

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