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tdaxp storms New England

Before this week, I had visited only one state in New England — the ancient land of my paternal ancestors. But now, 3 of 6 states have fallen to the tdaxp March of Remembrance

tdaxp ri ma

First, I visited the grave of my cousin, H.P. Lovecraft, in Providence. The cemetery that contains many generations of my family is about 25 miles from the town that inspired Innsmouth — and my great-great grandfather sailed to the East Indies, much like old man Marsh….

hpl grave

Of course, Lovecraft wrote of giant indifferent gods and human sacrifice… hopefully nothing like that ever bothered tdaxp’s lineage…

cthulhu sacrifice

To get my mind off that, I next went to Pawtucket, real-life suburb of Providence and fictional home to the Pawtucket Brewery, from Family Guy. But the town is nearly dry, with beer not sold in gas stations!

Certainly Massachusettes did little to calm my nerves — but — those crazy elusive angles


But all too soon the trip ended, and we left by water taxi from Boston to the airport. Bye bye New England!

boston ma from water taxi

Nevada and Arizona Fall to tdaxp


I keep track of states I visited by imagining the electoral college.  Any state I’ve been to (meaning slept in or bought something in, outside of an airport) goes for me: states I’ve never been to go against, and states that I’ve been to but do not remember (as a baby) are to a radical third party.

By that standard, my landslide keeps rolling…
electoral college post nv and az




“Pics, or it didn’t happen,” you say?hoover dam az

las vegas nv

Travels to the Far East

Several years ago on Coming Anarchy, “Curzon” jounred across Far East, including the cities of Tokyo, city of Nanjing, Shanghai, and Suzhou.

Sun Yatsen Mausoleum

I just got back from a month long trip, in which I visited these cities as well as a few new ones, such as Phnom Penh and Ubud. The journey was remarkable, and the admiration I had for the writers over at Coming Anarchy played a big role in keeping me interested in traveling.

Thanks, guys!

And Colorado Flips to the ‘Has-Visited’ Column

Another state falls to my travel adventures as I am currently in Colorado, attempting a research conference and presenting a paper on creative self-efficacy. Most important, of course, is the current Electoral College map of states visited and not visited. (A visited state is one in which I have purchased something or eaten a meal, not in an airport.

Other changes since last time include the addition of Washington, the removal of West Virginia (which should not have been included anyway), and the greying out of Tennessee and Alabama — while I have eaten meals in them, I was too young to remember them.

Wonderful to run-into Loren Clarke

I had the pleasure of running into Loren Clarke during a trip from 西直门 to 上地 during my recent trip to Beijing. Loren’s an interesting guy. He’s the author of a range of literature, from a part of The AIDS Reader to a new work, I Love Jazz. Loren’s also an English instructor to the Xinhua News Agency, and (most interesting of all) a true believer who came to the People’s Republic during Deng’s lifetime to help build communism.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get Loren’s email address, and the one online no longer works.

So Loren, if sometime you read this webpage, please comment, or send an email to It would be wonderful to talk to you!