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In China, where Obama is not President…

tdaxp’s note: I normally don’t write rhetorical posts, but on consideration I will publish this one anyway. Regardless of his original intentions or beliefs, Barack Obama has rapidly transitioned our society to an authoritarian/socialist model. This has real consequences, even if some parts of the socialist agenda are accidentally initiated by others.

Computer literacy makes you a threat in the eyes of the American police. Using proxies (such as for partialing out different content on different internet service providers) and Linux (” a black screen with white font which he uses prompt commands on”) can be used to increase sentences and seize property. Fortunately, this is only true in the United Staets. In China, where Obama is not President, I regularly use both proxies and linux.

Being an employee of a trade syndicate helps you get a good position in the American government. Obama now has 5 RIAA lawyers working for him. Fortunately, this is only true in the United States. In China, where Obama is not President, lawyers who attempt to sue grandmothers often find themselves outed by protests and internet activism.

In the United States, Barack Obama continues to subsidize foreign oil and natural gas. In China, where Obama is not President, the gas price discourages purchases from unstable third-world country and incentivizes produces to look to alternate energy.

In the United States, more than half a million people lost their jobs. In China, where Obama is not President, the economy grew 6.1%. Part of the reason is that Chinese President Hu JIntao, unlike American President Barack Obama, is not persuing socialist policies. In China, car companies and banks are expected to make money, and not merely function as arms of the Departments of Health and Human Services and Treasury.

Fortunately, our Presidency is not entirely terrible. In some areas, Barack Obama is taking leadership from China. High-speed rail. Glad that he is taking some cues from the People’s Republic.