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Everyone Realizes that Teachers Can’t Teach, and Don’t Care

My friend Mark Safranski used facebook to share this story: “At long last, Michelle Rhee’s funders revealed,” by Beth Hawkins. Michelle Rhee, the subject of Hawkin’s article, is the former Chancellor of D.C. Public Schools, and is despised by teachers unions for promoting accountability among teachers. Sine that time she has been active as a policy advocate for education reform.

The article by Beth Hawkins notes that Rhee’s “multi-million-dollar backers include top donors to the campaigns of both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, as well as foundations that back charter school proliferation, so-called parent-trigger laws and public-sector union reform. ” Ms. Hawkins notes this is obvious, preceding her statement with “Whatever you thought of Rhee five minutes ago, prepare to have it confirmed.”

The reason that this is obvious is that everyone knows that teachers don’t teach and that teachers don’t care. By “everyone,” I mean other stakeholders such are employers, state governments, the federal bureaucracy, the research community, and others. It is not surprising that these groups, after having been abused by bad teaching for decades, are trying to make things better.

If teachers actually taught effectively, employers would not be dedicated to reforming the educational system. They are attempting to reform the system because despite high unemployment, it is difficult to find employable workers in the United States.

If teachers actually cared, state and federal agencies would not be dedicated to reforming the educational system. They are attempting to reform the system because teachers lack empathy for other stakeholders who have political sway, and don’t even bother to cover up their poor performance.

Teachers are selfish, like others in the education reform debate, but unlike others they neither contribute to the greatness of our nation nor align themselves with the interests of others.

I am glad that individuals like Michele Rhee (whose own rhetoric is strongly pro-teacher) are out there fighting for education reform. I am glad that others are in the fight too, pushing back against teachers who can’t teach, and don’t care.