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Review Center of Thomas PM Barnett’s The Pentagon’s New Map Blueprint for Action: A Future Worth Creating

On Sunday I finished Dr. Barnett‘s Blueprint for Action.

A Future Worth Creating?

I’d been following this book for a while, celebrating his return to new blogs in February and congratulating TPMB on the first draft cover in March

While hyper-luminaries like Mark Safranski are able to encapsulate BFA’s big ideas into well written posts, I’m not that able.

So instead I will try to write several vignettes or mini-reviews, focusing on distinct aspects of his work. In tone these will be similar to Curzon’s critique of Barnett’s Taiwan policy, examining the trees and leaving the forest (for now) to the best

Without further ado…

Additionally, my series Embracing Defeat examines the themes of Blueprint for Action by using videographs of a recent speech by Dr. Barnett