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More DirectBuy Complaints (before they hired Dozier Internet Law)

For those joining late: DirectBuy is a “home improvement” company with a mixed track record. There’s a number of mixed reviews of their services, available from both blogs and mainstream media outlets. More recently, after a blogger at Infomercial Scams complained about Direct Buy’s infomercial scam, DirectBuy’s lawyer, Dozier Internet Law, sent him an incompetently written “cease-and-desist” letter that was copyrighted! This “strategic lawsuit against public participation” would be more threatening if it was filed by such “chuckleheads.”

Then blogs stand up. Public Citizen exposed the DirectBuy/Dozier threat, I Hate Linux asked to be sued too, and I posted the plain text of the demand letter.

Unfortunately, DirectBuy generates so many spam websites that it is hard to find out opinions about the company. Therefore, this post contains mainstream media and blogosphere reviews of Direct Buy that did not make it into my previous posts

From the Mainstream Media:

From the Internet:

Over at Mafe Maria, a long complaint against DirectBuy’s deceptive hard sell includes includes this paragraph:

The poor woman doesn’t know that both Joey and I are fricking MBAs and have spent a ridiculous amount of our lives making a living out of understanding concepts like the present value of money and financial risk… Who can guarantee us that they’ll still be around in 2-3 years?… That manufacturers won’t get off that business model in 2-5 years, when we may be ready to buy, finally taking advantage of our extremely expensive upfront investment? Why would we put down $4,500 now, when we’re not ready to redecorate yet, so the savings are uncertain, and most likely far ahead in the future?

Rate That Company has detailed consumer complaints against Direct Buy.

Complaints.com has a detailed posts which reveals that another name for DirectBuy is UCC Total Home. My 3 Cents likewise complains posts a “UCC / DirectBuy Complaint.”

Deaf Biz wonders if DirectBuy is inhospitable to the hearing impaired.

Bringing up memories of the JL Kirk saga, DirectBuy’s hard sell requires you to bring your spouse.

Larry over at The Squeaky Wheel is angry enough at DirectBuy to type ENTIRELY IN CAPS. Pangloff is disappointed enough to write everything about DirectBuy in one loooooong paragraph.

DirectBuy in Buffalo has some problems with the Better Business Bureau. Ditto DirectBuy of Westchester and Direct Buy of Nassau County. What’s going wrong with the DirectBuys in New York?

Servo Magazine has a page full of criticisms against Direct Buy. So does the Yahoo! Answer to ‘How much does a membership in Direct buy cost???‘ But that’s nothing compared to the Edumacation wiki on DirectBuy ComplaintStationComments! And that’s not even the index page of DirectBuy problems!