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“… the people choose freedom.”

Catholicgauze, who has been working 16-18 hour days keeping serving our country in Iraq, blogging, and completing a thesis, has an impressive primer on the January 2009 Iraq elections.

Flag of Iraq 2008

From the piece:

The Sunni Arabs are divided between the urban, party-in-power Iraqi Islamic Party, the rural tribal-based MSI, and a whole lot of little parties that revolve around small but powerful cliques. There are rumors and allegations going back and forth of corruption, lies, and ties to the old regime. Rightly or wrongly everyone is accused of being too friendly too the Coalition, too friendly government in Baghdad, a former member of Al Qaeda or another insurgency group, or having the backing of Baath Party members in exile in Syria. Some probably are.

Read the whole thing.

British Election Blogging

The BBC feed is fascinating (hat-tip Drudge).

Among other thoughts

  • They speak better English than the Brits on The Office
  • Computer animations — actually pretty effective
  • BBC interviewers can be jerks to government officials.

    “Your government did it!”
    “All other parties supported us!”
    “So it’s their fault, not yours, eh?”

  • Making all the candidates for a seat stand in a line while the results are read seems petty
  • The George Bush parody was high-larious. Best quotes: “Tony Blair and Charley Brown are going to sock it to the King’s men!” and “It’s like the United States of Britainland over here!”
  • The Official Monster Raving Loony Party is a real party with real candidates.
  • Lib-Dems are trying to decapitate the entire Conservative Shadow Cabinet. Good luck Lib-Dems!

Washington State Election Remains Stolen

Rossi Team Issues List of ‘Felon’ Voters,” Seattle Times, 4 March 2005, http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2002196617_felons04m.html (from The Corner).

More news from Kyiv on the Pacific

Attorneys for Republican Dino Rossi yesterday released the names of more than 1,000 people who allegedly cast illegal votes in November’s disputed gubernatorial election.

The list of alleged felons, people who voted twice and dead people recorded as voting is at the heart of a lawsuit Republicans filed to overturn the November election of Democratic Gov. Christine Gregoire.

A quick Times’ investigation seems to support the felon-voters claim:

A check by The Seattle Times of 32 of the 1,135 names on the list found one case that appeared to be in error, and one that was unclear. The others appeared to be properly included on the list.

Like the 1960 Kennedy-Nixon race or (possibly) the 2002 Johnson-Thune race, this appears to be another election stolen by the party of Gore.


Baghdad Spring

When Camels Fly,” by Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times, http://www.nytimes.com/2005/02/20/opinion/20friedman.html, 22 February 2005.

Tom Friedman continues to be a terrific columnist for the New York Times. From his latest:

It’s good news, bad news time again for the Middle East. The good news is that what you are witnessing in the Arab world is the fall of its Berlin Wall. The old autocratic order is starting to crumble. The bad news is that unlike the Berlin Wall in central Europe, the one in the Arab world is going to fall one bloody brick at a time, and, unfortunately, Vaclav Havel, Lech Walesa and the Solidarity trade union are not waiting to jump into our arms on the other side.

No one is more pleased than I am to see the demonstration of “people power” in Iraq, with millions of Iraqis defying the “you vote, you die” threat of the Baathists and jihadists. No one should take lightly the willingness of the opposition forces in Lebanon to stand up and point a finger at the Syrian regime and say “J’accuse!” for the murder of the opposition leader Rafik Hariri. No one should dismiss the Palestinian election, which featured a real choice of candidates, and a solid majority voting in favor of a decent, modernizing figure – Mahmoud Abbas. No one should ignore the willingness of some Egyptians to demand to run against President Hosni Mubarak when he seeks a fifth – unopposed – term. These are things you have not seen in the Arab world before. They are really, really unusual – like watching camels fly.

Something really is going on with the proverbial “Arab street.” The automatic assumption that the “Arab street” will always rally to the local king or dictator – if that king or dictator just waves around some bogus threat or insult from “America,” “Israel” or “the West” – is no longer valid. Yes, the Iraq invasion probably brought more anti-American terrorists to the surface. But it also certainly brought more pro-democracy advocates to the surface.

Call it the “Baghdad Spring.”

But we have to be very sober about what is ahead. There will be no velvet revolutions in this part of the world. The walls of autocracy will not collapse with just one good push. As the head-chopping insurgents in Iraq, the suicide bombers in Saudi Arabia and the murderers of Mr. Hariri have all signaled: The old order in this part of the world will not go quietly into this good night. You put a flower in the barrel of their gun and they’ll blow your hand and your head right off.

Election, Still Stolen

GOP says it found 300 illegal votes,” by David Postman, Seattle Times, http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2002161949_vance27m.html, 27 January 2005 (from The Corner).

The Kyiv on the Pacific scandal continues to grow

TUKWILA — The state Republican Party said in court papers filed yesterday that it has found 300 illegal votes and more than 400 that can’t be verified in the governor’s election.

With Christine Gregoire winning the governor’s race by 129 votes, Republican Party Chairman Chris Vance says he now has found far more than enough evidence to persuade a judge to nullify the election and call for a rematch between Gregoire and Republican Dino Rossi.

Lawyers and Republican staffers are continuing to look county by county for votes cast by felons, in the name of dead people or by people who voted more than once, casting second votes either in other counties or other states.

“I expect this number to literally grow every day,” Vance said.

I’m not surprised at the stolen election. I am surprised about how the issue is being kept alive. It is good for democracy that old Democratic tactics are no longer working. From Jim Crow to union thugs Jackson’s party has instutionalized tainted voting. It’s good they are being called on it.

Election Stealing

Friday, January 7, 2005

Dead voted in governor’s race,” by Phuong Cat Le and Michelle Nicolosi, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/local/206969_dead07.html, 7 January 2005.

Once again, the Democratic Party is stealing an election with dead voters

At least eight people who died well before the November general election were credited with voting in King County, raising new questions about the integrity of the vote total in the narrow governor’s race, a Seattle Post-Intelligencer review has found.

The evidence of votes from dead people is the latest example of flaws in an election already rocked by misplaced votes and allegations that there were thousands more votes counted than actual voters.

But its not fraud…

County officials say they are investigating the cases pointed out by the P-I. “These are not indications of fraud,” said Bill Huennekens, King County’s elections supervisor. “Fraud is a concerted effort to change an election.

… because even though widespread…

The state is required by law to send monthly lists of the deceased to county auditors so they can purge those names from their voter rolls. But those lists are sent only every few months. That means thousands of deceased voters may have been sent absentee ballots.

… it is not frauud when Democrats do it

“I called up the elections board and said, ‘Can I do it because he wanted me to vote?’ ” the Duvall woman said. “The person … said, ‘Well, who would know?’ I said, ‘I don’t want to do anything that is wrong.’ “

Stolen Election

Gregoire certified as next governor,” by Chriss McGann, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/local/206033_governor31.html, 31 December 2004.

Why bother winning, when you can just cheat?

OLYMPIA — Democrat Christine Gregoire was declared Washington’s next governor yesterday, but Republican Dino Rossi refused to quit the race and cited thousands of “mystery voters” in King County as ample ammunition for continuing the fight.

The state Republican Party obtained a list of the people who voted in King County as part of a larger request for information designed to show systemic problems with the election.

The data showed that 895,660 people voted in the state’s largest county. That’s a problem, Republicans said, because King County tallied 899,199 votes — 3,539 more votes than there were voters.

They stole the 1960 Presidential election, tried to steal the 2000 Presidential election, and now are stealing the 2004 Washington Gubernatorial election. God bless the Democratic Party.