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Elena Kagan wants to criminalize criticism of Elena Kagan

I don’t mind that Elena Kagan is a lesbian. I do mind that Elena Kagan wants to criminalize criticism of her lifestyle:

“We should be looking for new approaches, devising new arguments,” Kagan declared, according to video of the event reviewed by POLITICO. She seemed to count herself among “those of us who favor some form of pornography and hate speech regulation” and told participants that “a great deal can be done very usefully” to crack down on such evils.

“Statutes may be crafted in ways that prohibit the worst of hate speech and pornography, language that goes to sexual violence. Such statutes may still be constitutional,” Kagan assured the meeting. She pressed for “new and harsher penalties against the kinds of violence against women that takes place in producing pornography, the use of pandering statutes and pimp statutes against pornographers…perhaps the initiation—the enactment of new statutes prohibiting the hiring of women for commercial purposes to engage in sexual activities.”

My view of freedom is much closer to that described in a recent post of The Metropolis Times:

At my local college campus, we have a man who visits and tells students that wearing the color pink will send them to Hell, and that God hates homosexuals, Catholics, Mormons, liberal Christians, Buddhists, sororities and fraternities and a large number of other things.  Invariably, a group of students will spontaneously form and argue with him.

This is the only country in the entire world where none of the people involved are breaking the law.

…. unless Elena Kagan gets her way.