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What is Dozier Internet Law’s Donald E. Morris’s motive?

I am not a lawyer. But I am interested in law, and two posts at New York Personal Injury Attorney deserve mention. Both relate to Dozier Internet Law, the lawyers for DirectBuy that sent a copyrighted cease-and-desist letter to a blog that was critical of their business.

Emphasis is mine on the excerpts below, but the text is NYPIA‘s

From “Personal Injury Law Round-Up #31:”

This one is priceless and really deserves its own post if I weren’t so busy: From Public Citizen’s Consumer Law and Policy Blog comes: Don’t Post This Cease-and-Desist Letter, Or Else. Seems some chuckleheaded lawyer representing DirectBuy — which isn’t happy that some folks think the company’s direct buy plan is a “scam” and a “nightmare” — thinks his threatening cease and desist letter is copyrighted and can’t be posted online. Ha! says Public Citizen, which tells Dozier Internet Law, P.C to stick it where the sun don’t shine. And yes, “chuckleheaded lawyer” is clearly an opinion.

And from “Don’t Post This Letter on the Internet!:”

The writer of the original letter, Donald Morris, seems to have clearly done his client a grave disservice with this stupidity. (I mentioned this the other day in my personal injury law round-up, but thought this chuckleheaded conduct needed its own post.) Perhaps his threats have succeeded before, but the result is that the letter, and the claims against his client, are now being re-broadcast across the internet.

(Mr. Donald E. Morris, Esq. is a practicing lawyer who works in Dozier Internet Law P.C.’s Glen Allen Office and wrote the threatening letter, as you can see in the pdf version).

NYPIA‘s point, I believe, is that the Donald Morris / Dozier law letter was so poorly written that it was “chuckleheaded” and “stupid.” Another possibility, of course, is that the letter may have been intelligent and smart — and aimed at Dozier Internet Law itself. On Dozier’s “page hawking its service in defamation suits includes several incidents of employees and former employees purposefully sabotaging their employers out of spite.

So who is Donald Morris working for, anyway?