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Religious Bigotry at the Fed

People across the world would be rightfully outraged if the Federal Reserve enforced some bigoted and hateful policy, such as prohibbitting banks from offering Sharia-compliant banking, or from otherwise evangelizing the power of finance to certain religious communities.

But the first whisks of such bigotry appeared today, when the Federal Reserve banned local banks from celebrating Christmas.

Every day makes it harder and harder to understand why Ben Bernanke does not just step down.

The Ben Bernank, Explained

Information on who exactly has viewed this video available at The Daily Beast. An excerpt:

I should point out that I was told to download the YouTube video not by some dopey trader during a slow day in the markets, but by a CEO in New York City who runs one of the biggest financial firms in the world. Bernanke’s senior staff has seen it too, I’m told, though a spokesman wouldn’t say whether the chairman has.