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Brief Impressions of “23 Minutes in Hell” by Bill Wiese

23 Minutes in Hell is a brief account, written by Bill Weise, that encompasses

1. His transportation to Hell
2. His imprisonment in hell
3. His wandering around Hell
4. His ascension into Heaven
5. His conversation with Jesus
6. His return to Earth

as well as a bible-based discussion on the meaning of his encounter.

Bill does not describe a Near Death Experience, but rather something very close a reptilian abduction combined with an encounter with a star-brother.

While UFOs are probably physically real, aliens and journeys such as Wiese’s are probably part of another (psychological, supernatural, or both) phenmenon all together.

Dell Hell… or at least purgatory!

I am currently in Dell Chat, attempting to get Dell to honor its warranty. My old LCD monitor had a bad column of pixels, and so was replaced by a technician. However, the entire new LCD has a viewing area much smaller than the old one.

My goal is to have a technician come out and replace the bad LCD screen, which I only have because it was installed yesterday by a Dell technician. The technician’s obvious goal is to prevent this from happening.

Update: After refusing several times, the service technician agreed to send out a new LCD screen and have an installer put it in. Persistence pays off!